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Creative Applications

I've always looked at things from a different angle, this is no exception when it comes to development!

Fast Development

I pride myself in building applications as sturdy and securely, in as fast as time possible.

Modern Sleek Design

Aesthetics goes a long way when it comes to building the right application. I use only modern frameworks and libraries to help keep your application up to the competition standards.

Quality Applications

Professional and sustainable applications that are modularly built and tailored to your preference.

Welcome to my website! My name is Conor Thompson, and I'm a developer for both websites and software systems. I am currently a student in my Third year of college in NCI (National College of Ireland), and I'm primarily skilled in Object Oriented languages such as Java, C++, Python and PHP, but also use a lot of Grails, C#.NET, ASP and XSLT. I'm a music nut, and am currently the drummer in a band! Ever have a question on the Tolkien universe? I will provide the answers.

Web Development 95%

Web Design 85%

Software Development 90%









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What I do?

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Modular Systems

Building modular systems allow for adding and subtracting features to tailor your needs for your application, this makes the user experience as fluid and appealing as possible.

Website design

I have designed a number of applications with new styling frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.

Software Design

Software aesthetics can be an important aspect of a great product, GUI development is one of the number of services I can provide.

IT Solutions

Need help setting up a system? Building a network? I can provide solutions to many of these issues!

Server Solutions

Many applications are now moving to cloud servers, I can provide solutions to a number of products including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Website Development

I have been building websites since I was a teenager, I have a taste for building secure sites using Ruby on Rails, PHP and Grails. This ranges from a simple portfolio site, to a fully functional e-commerce site.

Software Development

I have a passion for building challenging software applications, I have made a number of products in Java, C, Python,, JSON, PHP and more.

Web Security

Web security is one of the fastest changing elements of the internet, I can build your application up to an industry standard of security.

Data Analytics - Dashboards

A lot of data can flow through applications, managing and monitoring this data can help you bring your app to the next level. Having a dashboard is an excellent attribute to your software, I can integrate this into your application.

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